All our products are manufactured in an FSSC 22000:2015 certified facility, located in Brooklyn, New York. In spring of 2018, we will begin production in a new facility located in Robbinsville, NJ, which will adhere to the same food safety standards.

We try to source all ingredients in the USA, with the exception of specialty items that are best from their country of origin (such as soy sauce and Korean Gochujang). See a breakdown of our sourcing below.

75% of ingredients are sourced in the US.
60% of ingredients are sourced in Northeast.
57% of ingredients are sourced in tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT).

TMI products are distributed nationwide by broad line and specialty food distributors. Please contact your distributor rep to learn if they offer TMI products. If you are having trouble finding a distributor, please contact our sales staff for assistance (718) 386-6868 or

If you are a consumer and would like to purchase our products in a retail store, please visit or and use the Where to Buy feature.

Both noodles and wrappers can sustain 7-10 days in the cooler, and up to 6 months in the freezer. Our frozen, pre-cooked appetizers have a frozen shelf life of 9-12 months.

TMI products contain no added MSG. Some items have naturally occurring MSG from ingredients such as soy sauce.

TMI products are 100% trans fat free.

Twin Marquis noodles and wrappers are OU Kosher Certified. Chef One and other products are not.

Yes. Many Twin Marquis and Chef One products are vegan. Please view our catalog, which indicates the items that are vegan or vegetarian.

Yes. TMI offers gluten-free spring rolls as well as a variety of dim-sum items that feature rice wrappers. Please contact our sales team for more information (718) 386-6868 or

Yes. TMI's R&D team is ready to assist with your custom product or private label needs. Please contact us for more information and minimums (718) 386-9898 or

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